The following contract vehicles offer Ayuda the flexibility to respond to the broad requirements of all our clients’ needs.

  • GSA Federal Supply Services Schedule, #GS-10F-0043W,   899-1 Environmental Consulting Services and 899-8,   Remediation and Reclamation Services
  • USACE Albuquerque District Environmental Remediation   MEGA Activity, Contract #W912PP-13-0011
  • USACE Tulsa District MATOC for various Environmental Remediation  Services within the Southwestern Division (SWD), Contract #W912BV-11-D-0032
  • USACE Omaha Environmental Remediation and MMRP   IDIQ, Contract   #W9128F-15-D-0028
  • NASA/Johnson Space Center Environmental Remediation   and Construction IDIQ, Contract   #NNJ12JD14B
  • NASA/Johnson Space Center Historic Preservation and Restoration and Design/Build, Contract PACC 2   #NNJ15JG05B
  • USACE Huntsville District MATOC  Design/Build and Construction for the Access Control Points, Contract #W912DY-14-D-0002