Ayuda has never in its history failed to successfully complete a project regardless of the challenges faced. Ayuda operates with a total commitment to providing high quality cost-effective solutions, while keeping safety the highest priority. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and can prove it. We proudly hand out Past Performance books containing CPARS/CCASS and PPQs from our clients. In our 14-year history, Ayuda has received over 95% CPARS of “Very Good” or “Excellent” and CCASS of “Above Average” or “Outstanding”. Ayuda has never in its history received an “Unsatisfactory” rating. Ayuda rewards its employees based on these ratings, so this is a developed culture.

Ayuda is a client-focused organization that builds referral and repeat business. Ayuda focuses on providing and maintaining superior service to its existing customers and is looking to expand its client base.

Our client service and quality of work is described in the following excerpt from our longest standing client, USACE Omaha District.

QUALITY – The Contractor continually provides exceptional detailed reports according to the document phase of that specific report. The Contractor’s technical staff’s interaction with the Regulatory Community and Installations staff was always professional and provides detailed response to specific questions concerning the performance objectives of these task orders. The Contractor’s Quality Control Program was highly effective and efficient as was commented on by the customer during all field operations. The customer commented on the cleanliness, Safety precautions, execution, and coordination of the work being accomplished for all field activity areas.

SCHEDULE/TIMELINESS OF PERFORMANCE  Ayuda provided the all required deliverables either before or on the actual date of the scheduled requirement, which involved responses to comments by the Regulatory Agencies and production of the final documents for each task order. Ayuda utilized their resources very efficiently and effectively during all site operations and used the Triad Approach to support a fast track review and approval of key primary, secondary, and Informational documentation to allow various fieldwork activities to be completed on or ahead of schedule. Ayuda implemented and completed investigations and fieldwork using efficient and effective field methods and procedures, Close coordination and consultation with the installations allowed field decisions to be made quickly and without causing any field crew downtime. Ayuda compressed and streamlined various field schedules field through preplanning of work activities, that allowed efficient transitions from task to task and site to site without loss of production (i.e. well drilling, excavations, stockpiling, and sampling activities were sequenced in a manner that allowed uninterrupted continuation of field activities pending analyses if confirmation samples). Again, the Customer was exceptionally pleased with the Contractor’s performance.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – The Customer has stated on numerous occasions concerning the exceptional performance of the Contractor during the execution of the various tasks of these task orders. The Customer was highly pleased with the communication/coordination by the personnel during all aspects of these task orders. The Customer commented that the personnel utilized by Ayuda on these task orders were highly professional, very technically knowledgeable on equipment operations, very efficient in fieldwork operations, highly dedicated, and above all - operationally safe. Ayuda’s interaction with the Customer portrays their continual efforts to provide the best results for timely and exceptional completion of all requirements of the various task orders. The Customer stated - “My experience with Ayuda has been exceptional and this company has been one of the most responsive firms I have worked with during my 22 years in the Federal Government.”

During various project interactions with numerous Ayuda personnel, they have totally impressed me with their “Can-Do-Attitude”, communication/coordination skills; quality documentations; technical expertise, responsiveness; and total customer satisfaction are priorities that Ayuda personnel take very seriously. I would highly recommend Ayuda for future contracts and projects of all magnitudes as they have continually demonstrated exceptional work ethics, professionalism, integrity, safe practices and most of all - the ability to complete projects on time and within budgets.” Mr. Dezso Linbrunner, USACE Omaha District, PPQ on Multiple Task Orders under ERS Contract No.: W9128F-12-D-0014